North Point Creche and Pak Tin Creche

Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Family & Child Welfare Services - Child Care & Child Protection Services
Funding Period
2022 - 2023
Project Code
Agency Name
Salvation Army, The
Project Name
North Point Creche and Pak Tin Creche
Eastern, Shamshuipo
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

The project aims to improve Sensory Integration (SI) of infants through baby massage and gross motor skills training. Talks and workshops on relevant topics are held to enhance knowledge and techniques of teachers, parents and baby-sitters. Also, new equipment is purchased and environment is redecorated, so that SI training can be carried out efficiently. It is expected that the training will improve the infants’ understanding of body and sense of self, cognitive development, socialisation and limbs coordination, etc.

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