‘Charity starts at home’

True to the saying that ‘charity starts at home’, The Community Chest of Hong Kong was set up in 1968 to serve the people of Hong Kong. Our donations come from citizens whose generosity has been proven time and again over the years.

To continue this culture of giving, it is desirable that young people be educated to think of philanthropy as a way of life from an early age. In this regard, the best place to start is at school. An important part of our work is to engage local primary and secondary students through our education programmes, with school visits a main feature.

During these visits, we talk to students about the latest developments on the charity scene, listen to their views at discussion sessions, invite questions from them, and as much as possible, ask guest speakers from among our more than 160 member agencies to take part. We also welcome contribution from the schools on the selection of topics and the format of our presentation. The optimal audience size is around 150 with the students from F.1 to F.3 or F.4 and above.

We usually send out invitations to schools in June for the talks to be conducted between September and June during the school year that follows.

If you have enquiries or would like to arrange school talks by members of The Community Chest of Hong Kong, please contact:

- call us on 2599 6111,
- or fill in the application form and fax it back to us (2506 1201)

We look forward to meeting your students and thank you for your support of The Community Chest of Hong Kong.

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