Technical Aids / Computer Aids Services for the Disabled

Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services - Services for the Physically Disabled
Funding Period
2021 - 2022
Project Code
Agency Name
Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services
Project Name
Technical Aids / Computer Aids Services for the Disabled
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

Technical / Computer Aids Services For The Disabled aims at enhancing independence of disabled persons and elderly in all aspects of their daily living through design, fabrication, modification, installation and repair of their technical and computer aids. The aids fabricated include daily living aids, seating and postural aids, rehabilitation aids, training aids, computer assistive devices etc. Besides, repair service for rehabilitation devices such as electronic speech aids, manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs are also provided. In addition, clinical advice, consultation and recommendation on the design and appropriateness of technical aids for specific users are also rendered.

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